eBook Download: 20+ D2C Brands Buying in Q1 2022

January 12, 2022

The future of e-commerce lies within the direct-to-consumer marketplace. Today, even traditional retailers and manufacturers have adapted to the marketing and promotional style of D2C brands. In order to maintain customers, these brick-and-mortar retailers must have an online buying option or perish at the hands of their digitally native competitors.

20+ D2C Brands Buying in Q1 2022

For instance, Nike has decreased its inventory at department stores and wholesale outlets, claiming that online sales are more profitable for the brand. In the first quarter of 2020, Nike’s bet on D2C paid off and Its e-commerce sales soared 82%.

However, even with many growth opportunities, D2C brands face many challenges this year. From supply chain issues to rising consumer demands, many of the small, but nimble teams behind these brands will look outside of their organizations for additional support to reach new audiences. Download our latest eBook, 20+ D2C Brands Buying in Q1 2022 to uncover which digitally native brands are going all-in on the new year.

Here’s a summary of the D2C brands on our radar:

  1. This luggage company hired a new CMO in November 2021 to handle brand marketing, growth marketing, creative and communications. Before her most recent position as a consultant, she was the head of marketing at Lyft. She was also previously the CMO at Barry’s Bootcamp. 
  2. Recently acquired, this meal kit company earned 645.2M impressions in 2021 through desktop video ads (41%), Facebook ads (30%), Instagram ads (27%), and desktop display ads (2%).
  3. Fresh off of an acquisition, this telehealth company’s current marketing strategy seems to be experiencing satisfactorily high ROI; in its most recent quarter, the company’s revenues grew 79%, per its most recent earnings call.
  4. This at-home hair care brand recently announced Autumn Communications as its new PR AOR. The agency will be responsible for PR, influencer marketing, and some creative work to improve brand awareness. 
  5. To promote its new leggings and poke fun at a competitor, this exercise equipment and media company just launched “Namastay Away, Lululemon,” just weeks after Lululemon accused the company on infringing on its apparel products.
  6. As thrifting becomes more and more popular, so has this secondhand clothing platform. In fact, The brand’s Q3 sales reportedly reached a record $63.3M while its active buyer count grew 14% to 1.4M.

The experts at Winmo expect to see D2C brands buying in Q1 flesh out their digital campaigns, update their agency rosters, and hunt for new channels that appeal to both Zoomers and their Gen-X/Millennial parents.

Here are the insights that Winmo customers have access to on a daily basis, packaged into actionable nuggets detailing:

  • Spend details, audience demos, and additional insights on six selected brands.
  • 20+ D2C brands with unique offerings, and needs, in Q1 2022. 
  • Select decision-maker contact information to get in the door. 
  • Opportunity analysis tailored to different seller types.

20+ D2C Brands Buying in Q1 2022

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