15 OTT Spenders Planning in Q3 2021

June 28, 2021

You already know about our recent launch of OTT insights. And (brag) our timing couldn’t have been more perfect for spenders planning in Q3. According to Nielsen, by 2024, it’s estimated that streaming platforms will have amassed 210 million subscribers. As streaming continues to dominate its linear TV counterpart, agencies and traditional media companies are now offering clearer insights into important consumer information.

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In order for OTT to provide clear benefits for advertisers, information like viewership trends, audience demographics, and device types are critical to lure more companies in. Especially for current media planners.

For some insight, media planning is the process of selecting advertising channels, including when, where, and how often an ad must be shown to receive an optimal return on investment. Brands must select outlets to advertise with and the amount of money to invest. Since OTT is technically a newer, and thus riskier, type of media outlet, brands that experiment here generally work with larger budgets. Other outlets include television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites, social media, and OOH.

The most important factors when media planning are:

  • Ad reach: Or, the number of people who see an advertisement across platforms. In the era of the internet, social media and OTT have maximum reachability. Especially when targeting Gen-Z and Millennials.
  • Cost per thousand: How much will a company need to pay Hulu to reach one thousand people?
  • Frequency of advertising: The total number of times an ad is shown to someone. On average, it takes six to 10 views (sometimes as many as 20) before a consumer feels familiar with a brand. However, cost is also an essential factor.
  • Impact: How likely the chosen media can persuade your audience to take action.
  • Selectivity: The reachability of your media platform won’t matter if your audience isn’t there.

OTT is the preferred platform for emerging, challenger brands and those targeting a younger demographic. So, even if you don’t offer OTT solutions, these OTT spenders planning right now are working to elevate their category presence and raise their profile with young consumers.

Here’s a sneak peek of three spenders planning from the list:

  1. This travel and tourism company from the Sunshine State signed a two-year deal with the Bermuda Department of Tourism to launch the “Go Where the Yachts Go” campaign. This is an ideal partnership for both parties because they have different peak seasons, so the campaign will suggest travelers at one location visit the other one next.
  2. This classic confectionery company has operated in the United States since 1982. It’s famous for its gummies, including Golden Bears. According to our intent insights from Bombora, this candy-maker has shown extreme interest in agencies this week. Reach out now and determine if this is a significant opportunity for you.
  3. This global non-fiction entertainment media company, headquartered in Washington, D.C., includes notable properties such as global television channels, studios, books, and maps. According to Kantar, this company actually increased media spending in 2020. It spent about $900K in 2019, then $1.75M in 2021.

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Download: 15 OTT Spenders Planning in Q3 2021

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