Winmo Removes the Grunt Work of Event Prospecting in One Click

Winmo Removes the Grunt Work of Event Prospecting in One Click

Have you ever signed up for a big industry event, paid for a big booth and then in return received an incomplete attendee list from the vendor? It happens all the time. As more and more conferences are moving away from including decision-maker information within their attendee lists, it’s making it harder and harder for sales and marketing professionals to do their job and effectively show ROI for event marketing.

In situations like these you’ll typically see either an intern or BDR get stuck manually looking up and adding the contact information (big time suck) or teams will abandon the project altogether so they can focus on higher impacting projects.

Realizing this is a problem our customers undertake on a frequent basis, Winmo is now introducing a new feature to help you quickly add contacts on a targeted list of companies.

Customers who have event lists with just company information can now upload it into Winmo and quickly append relevant contact information, creating a custom prospecting lists with smart filters like location, industry, job title and more.

“We’re obsessed with the success of our customers and removing friction from their daily prospecting tasks, said Winmo CEO Dave Currie. This new feature in Winmo eliminates the manual and mundane process of searching for the right prospects for target companies, at scale. Winmo automatically adds all the critical information you’re looking for in one-click.”

Aside from just event prospecting, Winmo customers can also use this feature to solve other cumbersome data projects, including:

  • Keeping CRM or Marketing Automation data up to date. Customers can simply upload their archived data lists and refresh contact details on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.
  • Target entirely new markets. Teams can upload a list of company names and build out entirely new market databases to support their sales and marketing outreach.
  • Get alerts on top prospects or clients. Winmo enables customers to upload key prospect or customer lists and set mass alerts so you know exactly when important shifts are happening on key accounts.

Not a customer yet but need help targeting the right contacts for your next event? Request a Winmo demo today!

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