Four Ways Adbeat Helps Power Winmo Ad Intelligence

November 17, 2021

Winmo is robust, to say the least. Many of our clients come to us to win brand and agency sales, yet there’s so much more ad intelligence that can be uncovered. Looking to expand your business with new or existing prospects? Identify top advertisers by region or stage? Find real-time intel into who is spending with your competitors? Check out our Adbeat integration.

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Adbeat is a display intelligence platform that crawls eight million ads every day. The tool connects those placements to the brands who bought them, ad networks they were routed through, and publisher destinations.

Here are four ways Adbeat helps power Winmo ad intelligence:

  1. Access detailed spending by brand, ad network, or publisher. Surface opportunities you’re missing (plus how much they’re worth). See every publisher a brand is working with or all the advertisers for any publisher. Then, uncover who’s buying, which network they’re using, and how much they’re spending.
  2.  Craft better pitches: With access to a brand’s ad creative, landing pages, spend details, and buying strategy, develop a pitch that seals the deal the first time. Even create side-by-side comparisons of a brand and its competitors.
  3. Understand ad intelligence from all angles: See standard, native, and video campaigns across both desktop and mobile, complete with spend data. This qualifies opportunities and tailors your outreach based on what will resonate.
  4. Stay within Winmo: Find contacts, brand-agency relationships, and opportunity predictions in the same place that breaks down the digital ad marketplace. The result is a clear path to brand-owners you’re qualified to work with (those with budgets to spend), how to reach them, and what to say.

Collect data from desktop, mobile, native, and pre-roll ads to double your potential sales revenue (seriously, Fandom did just that). Then, run reports and alerts to keep your eye on the competition as you compare advertisers, dive into campaigns, and get detailed publisher data. Finally, reveal media buying strategies, top creatives, landing pages, and estimate ad spend.

Benefits of ad intelligence data by role:

  • Media sellers: Sell more ads at higher premiums. First, see which publishers a brand is working with, or which brands a publisher is selling to, as well as the spend amounts for each buy. Then, identify brands with increasing spend to capture revenue.
  • Adtech: Identify new opportunities and revenue streams. Qualify opportunities by programmatic activity to focus on targets buying what they’re selling. Ad networks and other programmatic players can use Adbeat to identify vendors spending with competing networks, but not with them.
  • Agencies: Generate more leads and stronger pitches. See standard, native, and video campaigns across desktop and mobile, including spend data, to qualify opportunities and tailor outreach. Then, develop a pitch that seals the deal with access to a brand’s ad creative, landing pages, spend details, and buying strategy. Agencies can even create side-by-side comparisons of a brand and its competitors.

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