The List® of Agency Holding Companies, Omnicom, WPP, Publicis Groupe, IPG, Havas, Dentsu, and Stagwell

Navigating the advertising ecosystem is complicated. Agency holding companies expand and acquire entities at a rapid pace. If you’re targeting agencies, it’s important to know which house they’re under, which brand accounts they’re responsible for, and who the decision-makers are. Here’s a cheat sheet to understand the many agency/brand relationships, how advertisers place their ads, and the technologies they’re using. Winmo’s classic The List® database details all the major holding companies: Omnicom, WPP, Publicis Group, IPG, Havas and Dentsu.

Check out the full lists below:

  1. Omnicom
    1. Details include:
      • Omnicom Revenue
      • Omnicom Locations
      • Omnicom Agencies
      • Omnicom Subsidiaries
      • Omnicom Media Group
      • Omnicom Health Group
  2. WPP
    1. Details include:
      • WPP Revenue
      • WPP Locations
      • WPP Agencies
      • WPP Subsidiaries
  3. Publicis Groupe
    1. Details include:
      • Publicis Groupe Revenue
      • Publicis Groupe Locations
      • Publicis Groupe Agencies
      • Publicis Groupe Subsidiaries
  4. Interpublic Group 
    • Details include:
      • IPC Revenue
      • IPC Locations
      • IPC Agencies
      • IPC Subsidiaries
  5. Havas
    1. Details include:
      • Havas Revenue
      • Havas Locations
      • Havas Agencies
      • Havas Subsidiaries
  6. Dentsu
    1. Details include:
      • Dentsu Revenue
      • Dentsu Locations
      • Dentsu Agencies
      • Dentsu Subsidiaries
  7. Stagwell
    1. Details include:
      • Stagwell Revenue
      • Stagwell Locations
      • Stagwell Agencies
      • Stagwell Subsidiaries