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Win more business with access to Winmo’s database and actionable sales predictions.

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  • Export Verified Email Addresses and Direct Dials into CRM or Excel
  • Agency/Brand Relationships
  • Brand-Specific Decision Makers
Industry Insights & Integrations
  • Brand Media Spend
  • Digital Display Detail
  • Ad Creative Samples
  • Brand Social Demographic Intel
  • Personality Profiles & Assessments by Contact
  • Recommendations & Alerts
  • Export to Salesforce
  • Export to Hubspot
  • Export to Microsoft  Dynamics 365
Alerts & Recommendations
  • Sales Lead Recommendations
  • Create Custom Sales Lead Alerts
  • Create Notes & Reminders
Sales Predictions (WinmoEdge)
  • Top 100 Most Vulnerable Accounts
  • Predicted Sales Opportunities
  • Accounts & Decision-Makers on the Move
  • Spending Shift Forecasts
Social Sales Community (WinmoTalk)
  • Insider Tips from Professionals Like You
  • Industry Rumors
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Save with a multi-year agreement

Elevate your sales process with buyer behavior and competitive insights.

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Everything included in Insider, plus:

  • MarTech Decision-Maker Database
  • On-Demand Research Requests
Enterprise Digital Ad Intelligence
  • Ad Channel Distribution
  • Competitive Reports
  • Publisher Site Placement
  • Top Creative (Standard, Native, Video, Mobile)
  • Digital Ad Rank & Performance
  • Social Advertising Spend (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & Twitter)
Additional Account Insights
  • Lastest TV Airings, Plus Playable Commercials
  • Direct-to-Consumer TV Ad Spend
  • B2B Intent Data
  • Custom Personality Analysis by Full Team
  • Append a Custom List
  • Industry “Scoops” Directly in Slack
  • Brand Sponsorship Placement & Insights


Save with a multi-year agreement

Integrated data management and sales intelligence for revenue teams at scale.

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Everything included in Pro, plus:

  • API Integration
  • Team Usage Reports
  • User Management Dashboard
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All Plans Include
  • GDPR-Compliant
  • 24/7 Support (chat & email)
  • Dedicated Customer Success Representative
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Sarah Mulder Senior Business Development Director, MBuy
John Stemmler Programmatic Mechanics, Sales Director
Chris Perkins Managing Director, Bernstein-Reid
Bettina Abascal Head of Sales, Momentum

I love Winmo! I love that I can get all the latest advertising news and updates on my current prospects. Winmo helps me prospect quickly and efficiently.

Winmo has their act together. They provide consistently updated, insightful, and economically organized information. It allows a sales or marketing person to get to the heart of the matter, digest the meat and potatoes, and take action.

Super smart and effective biz dev resource. Winmo has taken hours and hours of manual or multi-solution research off my plate, allowing me to focus on better, higher-value prospects. It gives interesting insights you can leverage in outreach that’ll be more highly valued.

I did an extensive search of databases out there for brands and ad agencies and Winmo definitely stood out as the best. The seamless integration of WinmoEdge’s top-notch analytics with Winmo’s database capabilities made it a no-brainer. Anyone looking to expand their business will find Winmo a necessary investment.

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