List of Top 10 Podcast Spenders

Podcast advertising works by allowing advertisers to purchase ad spots within a podcast episode. These ads can take the form of pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll spots and can be read by the podcast host or produced as a pre-recorded spot. Advertisers can choose to run their ads on podcasts that are relevant to their target audience and align with their brand values. Many of Winmo’s customers today use lists like this to better help them target both selling Podcast Spenders ad space and also as a leading buyer signal for other advertising opportunities. In the list below we feature 10 of the top Podcast Spenders by spend total.  For even more spenders request a demo to see the over 900 companies spending more than $1,000,000.


Company NamePodcast Ad Spend Total Media Spend
Capital One$5.7M$539M
Hubbell Lighting$4.7MUnknown
GEICO $3.6M$1.48B
Athletic Greens $2.7MUnknown


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