Why Your Outbound Sales & Marketing Strategy Fails to Generate New Business

Is outbound marketing getting you down? Are you seeing declining profits from your cold calls and outreach? Are your leads vanishing? Chances are good that your outbound marketing program is suffering from one of the common issues that plague all businesses from time to time. Outlined below are a few of the common mistakes sales professionals and marketers like yourself make that cause outbound strategies to fall down on the job. 1. You are Using Obsolete Data This is a major problem for companies, because when you are juggling time, expenses, employees and goals, it can be very easy to ignore data quality in order to focus on other goals. As a result, businesses often start their outbound campaigns with an inaccurate marketing list and unorganized prospecting database. This means opening up with a round of “who are you and do you exist?” calls which waste time on already low-quality leads. Your database of prospects should be complete, fresh and constantly updated, either with help from sales intelligence tools or through your own thorough research. 2. You Only Call Prospects Once This is a common problem for sales teams that have not developed or documented a repeatable outbound process or don’t have time to build out 7-15 touch points for prospecting. These days, contacting prospects more than once is not only okay, but it is often necessary to attract and engage profitable leads. To be clear, this doesn’t mean calling the same person over and over again or bugging someone to the point that you become a stage-five clinger. It means seeking out and calling contacts throughout the company to reach key...

Harley-Davidson Opens the Throttle on Marketing, Increasing 2016 Budget by 65%

During a Q3 earnings call, Harley-Davidson CEO Matthew Levatich stated that the company would increase customer-facing marketing spend by approximately 65% next year. In addition to marketing, investments in product development will also increase next year. In total, Harley-Davidson plans to allocate approximately $70 million to drive demand in 2016. These investments will be focused in four areas: Product & brand awareness Growing new ridership in the US Increasing and enhancing brand access Accelerating growth for new products in the market. Levatich stated: “I want to be crystal clear. The path forward will play out over a number of years. This isn’t about improving results for a quarter or even a year. This is about where we want to be in three years, five years and even 10 years.” He explained that HD’s share of voice has never been as high as its share of market, but with the increase in competitors dollars, now is the time to increase SOV. Levatich’s remarks are an extension of what SVP and CFO John Olin said in the Q2 call. Media planning and buying moved earlier this year to Publicis’s Starcom, Chicago from the Detroit office. In 2010, HD parted ways with creative AOR Carmichael Lynch after three decades. In 2013, CMO Mark-Hans Richer spoke of “striking the phrase ‘agency of record’ from HD’s marketing vocabulary” – at least in the US. This means that HD may be open to pitches for specific projects over the next few years. Additional Insight National TV Spend: For FY 2014, Harley-Davidson spent $9.3 million on national TV ads – $7.2 million from Jan. to Oct., according to iSpot. So far this year, HD...

The 7 Feelings Every Salesperson has when Prospecting for New Business

Selling advertising and marketing is no easy task. It is not an easy task no matter how effective your strategy may be. It’s no easy task no matter how easy anyone tells you it should be. Ask pretty much any sales executive the solution and he will likely say “prospecting.” That is the single word that will stop even the most seasoned salesperson in their tracks. “All you need are some new prospects.” Gee thanks. You just saved me a grand on that Tony Robbins seminar. Ask any veteran sales professional for prospecting advice and he may hand you the yellow pages or simply mouth the word “Google.” After all, he probably had to do it that way. Of course, anyone who has ever worked in sales understands the importance of proactive prospecting, but even the best salesperson is human at the end of the day, right? Inevitably, even the greatest prospecting efforts will hit a roadblock of some kind, leading to a very real struggle with one of these seven emotional stages. Avoidance Sales executives know when you are avoiding prospecting. They were probably experts at it themselves.  Avoidance is so troubling because it is so easy to do. “Sorry, can’t prospect today. I have lunch with my favorite client…again.”Avoidance is also known as “putting it on the back burner.” The problem is your sales pipeline will never heat up if you keep putting prospecting on the back burner. Distraction Distraction is similar to avoidance, but less purposeful. Distraction is the squirrel to your dog. It can happen without you knowing it. Distraction is that email with a Groupon offer you simply can’t resist. It’s...

Top 10 Sales Productivity Tools of 2015

These days, sales teams are expected to respond to both prospects and customers very quickly. That means that productivity is crucial. However, just because we know it’s important, doesn’t mean it is going to get the attention it deserves. In fact, only about 30 percent of a sales rep’s day is dedicated strictly to selling activities. In an attempt to maximize productivity throughout the industry, we have (productively) put together a list of the top 10 sales productivity tools for 2015. Clari: Clari is a great tool for predictive sales analytics. It uses data science to give insight into forecast and at-risk deals, as well as tools to direct rep behavior. Salesforce: Salesforce is a platform that utilizes cloud technologies to connect organizations with customers, partners and employees. This tool makes it easy to collaborate on sales strategy by improving transparency and visibility. The List: Recently named by Mirren and RSW/US as a top business tool, The List is a proactive prospecting tool that enables sales teams to connect and engage with advertisers and brand owners in the United States and abroad. Docusign: This tool gives you clear and complete control when closing and booking each deal. Docusign reduces errors, shortens your sales cycle, and increases by 30+ percent. Docusign manages everything from preparing, sending and tracking the documents. Yesware: Yesware is a tool that helps you connect with prospects and track your engagement, all from your Gmail, Outlook, or iPhone inbox. You are able to track what happens to your email after you send it: who is interested, how interested they are, and when to get in touch...
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