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Winmo’s Top 5 Most Viewed Articles of 2021
Not surprisingly, the majority of Winmo’s most-viewed blog posts in 2021 centered around data. After 2020, many industries’ KPIs were...
100 Social Impact Titles Planning in Q4 (Q4 2021)
Social impact is the latest responsibility to descend upon brand marketing teams. Now, along with promoting reasonable prices and high-quality...
Top Social Spenders By Category: October 2021
Social media is too broad of a term now. What gets attention on TikTok would never fly on LinkedIn. Twitter...
33 Brands With New CMOs: Q4 2021
If Q3 is the slowest quarter, Q4 is the craziest. It’s a race to the finish line to meet sales...
How Winmo Elevates Your Salesforce Account
As an #AccidentalAdmin for six years, I know how unreliable and frustrating third-party tools can be to integrate into Salesforce. I...
The 2021 Guide to Outbound Sales Strategies
Hot take – marketers are much more focused on inbound sales and promotion strategies than outbound sales. And why shouldn’t...
Agency New Business
Top 25 Atlanta Ad Agencies
The city of Atlanta has had its share of the spotlight recently. Over the last year, Winmo’s headquarters has hosted...
30+ NFL Sponsorship Spenders Planning in Q4
And just like that, it’s football season again. The NFL expanded their regular-season schedule from 16 to 17 games this...
Marketing Tech
Insights From Winmo’s New Paid Search Spend Feature
Winmo Advance users now have Google Ads spend — aka paid search investment — for thousands of brands thanks to...
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100 Brands Targeting Gen-Z (List Download)
Win More podcast listeners will know that host John Zaldonis and I often lament about our status as “uncool Millennials.”...
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How to Use Winmo as a Market Research Tool
Are you tasked with determining your total addressable market? Maybe your boss wants to know how much ad spend your...
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8 Brands Increasing Digital Spending: Q3 2021
The U.S. economy is enjoying some of the best growth it’s seen in decades, with estimated GDP up 7% in...
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