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The State of Influencer Marketing: Q2 2024
Last weekend’s Coachella marked the ninth annual Revolve Fest. But, the 2024 iteration of the influencer event was much more...
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eBook Download: CMOs Planning in Q2 2024
After a stagnant 2023, U.S. ad spending is expected to accelerate in 2024 (Dentsu is projecting 4.6% YoY increase in...
Agency New Business
Biggest New CMO Hires: Q1 2024 (So Far)
CMOs tend to hop from one company to another more frequently than their peers in other top executive roles. It’s...
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Top Advertisers in Winmo with In-House Media
As with the rise of in-house creative agencies, some companies are starting their own media operations, too. Big names like Chase,...
List Download: 78 Super Bowl LVIII Advertisers
The final NFL game of the season is set, and it’s a rematch from 2020 with the Kansas City Chiefs...
Pearlfinders Competitive Analysis
Updated 2024: If you’re looking to secure new business in the UK, two sales enablement tools may come to mind:...
Agency New Business
Top 10 Agencies in Winmo with the Biggest Client Media Spend: January 2024
For agencies, working with clients with high media spend requires significant time, energy, and organization. First, they must master the...
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CMOs on the Move: December 2023
There are hundreds of C-suite shakeups every day across industries. It can be easy to miss these moves — and...
The State of eSports Opportunities: Q4 2023
eSports is a dynamic and fast-evolving field that combines the excitement of competitive gaming with the complexity of professional sports,...
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Winmo Partners with Contalto to Surface Branded Content Leads
Winmo has integrated select branded content insights from Contalto into its advertising database, unearthing opportunity in a fast-growing but often...
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Black Friday 2023: Winmo’s Top Trends and Takeaways
As the holiday season approaches, it’s a common perception that retailers must be banking on the last three months of...
Agency New Business
eBook Download: 30 CMOs Likely To Issue RFPs in Q1 2024
What better time to strategize new business opportunities than Q1. New year, new motivation, and probably a new gym membership...
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