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eBook Download: 20+ D2C Brands Buying in Q1 2022
The future of e-commerce lies within the direct-to-consumer marketplace. Today, even traditional retailers and manufacturers have adapted to the marketing...
Agency New Business
Agency and Brand Matchmaking with Setup’s Joe Koufman
Welcome to the Win More podcast… well, a transcription of it. Every week, Winmo’s advertising industry guru John Zaldonis (and...
From OTT to Shoppable Social: 2022 New Business Predictions from Winmo
Last year, the pandemic pushed sales and marketing teams to become digital engagement experts overnight, fast-forwarding 10 years’ worth of...
Agency New Business
The Ultimate List of Agency Holding Companies & Their Affiliates
Updated December 2021: Navigating the advertising ecosystem is complicated. Agency holding companies expand and acquire entities at a rapid pace....
Ad Sales
Four Ways Adbeat Helps Power Winmo Ad Intelligence
Winmo is robust, to say the least. Many of our clients come to us to win brand and agency sales,...
How Winmo Helps Fandom Steal Market Share: Live from Adweek Elevate
Ken Shapiro leads comprehensive sales, marketing, and product strategy as CRO for the world’s number one reference source for TV, movies,...
Top Social Spenders By Category: October 2021
Social media is too broad of a term now. What gets attention on TikTok would never fly on LinkedIn. Twitter...
73 D2C Brands Interested in Agencies: Q4 2021
Direct-to-consumer companies from Allbirds to Winc have surged ahead dramatically during the pandemic, while formerly brick and mortar brands like...
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eBook Download: 6 Holiday Spenders Buying in Q4 2021
Welcome to the “most wonderful time of the year” for many brands and retailers. According to Forbes, US holiday retail...
The 2021 Guide to Outbound Sales Strategies
Hot take – marketers are much more focused on inbound sales and promotion strategies than outbound sales. And why shouldn’t...
The Insider’s Guide to LinkedIn Social Selling
To be an awesome sales professional, you need to be a strong social marketer, too. Today, social selling is a...
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8 Brands Increasing Digital Spending: Q3 2021
The U.S. economy is enjoying some of the best growth it’s seen in decades, with estimated GDP up 7% in...
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