Agency New Business
The Ultimate List of Agency Holding Companies & Their Affiliates
Updated December 2021: Navigating the advertising ecosystem is complicated. Agency holding companies expand and acquire entities at a rapid pace....
Ad Sales
Four Ways Adbeat Helps Power Winmo Ad Intelligence
Winmo is robust, to say the least. Many of our clients come to us to win brand and agency sales,...
73 D2C Brands Interested in Agencies: Q4 2021
Direct-to-consumer companies from Allbirds to Winc have surged ahead dramatically during the pandemic, while formerly brick and mortar brands like...
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Are We Ready for the Return of Industry Events?
Next week, HubSpot’s annual user conference, Inbound, will be virtual for the second year in a row. Yet, last month,...
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eBook Download: 6 Holiday Spenders Buying in Q4 2021
Welcome to the “most wonderful time of the year” for many brands and retailers. According to Forbes, US holiday retail...
Agency New Business
Top 25 Atlanta Ad Agencies
The city of Atlanta has had its share of the spotlight recently. Over the last year, Winmo’s headquarters has hosted...
Agency New Business
5 Winmo Features We Don’t Talk Enough About
Winmo account managers are pros at managing client questions. They often hear, what should we be doing more of? What...
Marketing Tech
Insights From Winmo’s New Paid Search Spend Feature
Winmo Advance users now have Google Ads spend — aka paid search investment — for thousands of brands thanks to...
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100 Brands Targeting Gen-Z (List Download)
Win More podcast listeners will know that host John Zaldonis and I often lament about our status as “uncool Millennials.”...
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How to Use Winmo as a Market Research Tool
Are you tasked with determining your total addressable market? Maybe your boss wants to know how much ad spend your...
The Insider’s Guide to LinkedIn Social Selling
To be an awesome sales professional, you need to be a strong social marketer, too. Today, social selling is a...
Agency New Business
6 Steps to a Standout Sales Pitch
As buyers become increasingly savvy and selective, sellers are obliged to up their collective game. Good sales pitches take an...
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