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Top 40 San Francisco Ad Agencies
California’s booming Silicon Valley is home to some of the leading technology startups in the world. These rising companies are...
You Found a Sales Opportunity, But What Next?
Last week, we released our latest eBook, Emerging Brands Likely to Issue RFPs in Q2 2021, and the feedback has...
Agency New Business
The Mirren Post-Pitch Client Debriefing Guide
Longtime Winmo partner, Mirren, is a training firm that specializes in providing agencies with the skills, methods, and tools to...
eBook Download: Emerging Brands Likely to Issue RFPs in Q2 2021
I won’t call it luck, but the brands planning and likely to issue RFPs in Q2 2021 have a strong...
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Personnel Shifts are Happening: How Sales Intelligence Platforms Can Keep You Informed
As one of the managers of Winmo’s Scoops groups (~Plug~ click here to join on LinkedIn), it’s my responsibility to...
New CMO Hires: Q2 2021
There are hundreds of C-suite shakeups every day across industries. It can be easy to miss these moves — and...
6 Surefire Ways to Turn Off a CMO
As we’ve discussed before, CMOs are some of the busiest executives in the C-Suite. In today’s digital-first world, CMOs have...
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The State of Email in Q2 2021
Email in Q2 2021 is still going strong. I started working in marketing in 2012 and, in my first week...
2021 OTT Spenders List (Food & Beverage Category)
Winmo is about to roll OTT insights into its advertiser and agency database, and we’re so excited about this launch...
Agency New Business
Updated March 2021: Top 50+ New York Ad Agencies
When looking for an agency fueled by inspiration and talent across all disciplines, there’s no better place than New York....
Agency New Business
Agency Awards that Win New Business
Awards season has always sparked fear in my heart. No, not those awards. I wish I meant the Golden Globes,...
4 Actionable Insights from Winmo’s Scoops Group
Almost a year ago, in the early days of quarantine when we were still hosting Zoom Trivia Nights and lovingly...
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