eBook Download: 39 Holiday Spenders Planning in Q3 2023
It’s shaping up to be another odd holiday spending season for both brands and consumers. It’s hard to believe it’s...
NFL Sponsorship Trends for the 2023-2024 Season
Last week, the 88th annual NFL Draft was held outside of Kansas City’s Union Station, kicking off conversations and excitement...
3 Ways to Implement ChatGPT in Your Sales Outreach
Sales professionals are always on the lookout for new ways to engage with prospects and close more deals. CRMs were...
Winmo vs. Comparison
With economic uncertainty in the air, today’s sales landscape is as competitive as ever. Choosing the right sales enablement tools...
B2B Email Subject Lines That Get Opened in 2023
When it comes to B2B email marketing, the subject lines are the first thing that the recipient sees. It’s your...
Agency New Business
Do your client teams measure up with other agencies?
Client expectations of agencies have spiked. Are your teams keeping up? Marketing clients are under more pressure to perform than...
Email Marketing: From Zero to Hero
Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways for businesses of all industries and sizes to connect with...
ZoomInfo Competitive Analysis
Updated 2023: It’s vital to have the appropriate sales enablement tools in your tech stack to secure new business in...
Why Bad Client Briefs Kill Your Agency’s Margins (and Mirren’s Guide to Preventing It)
Although unintentional, most client briefs mislead agencies. Overburdened marketing chiefs are delegating the brief writing process to their more junior...
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70 Brands x MLB Sponsors Planning in Q2 2023
Even though only three full months have passed since the Houston Astros beat the Philadelphia Phillies to claim the 2022...
15 B2B Outbound Sales Tactics to Accelerate Growth
The Winmo team understands that B2B outbound sales tactics are a powerful way to drive business growth. We’ve drafted up...
eBook Download: 9 Socially Native Brands Increasing Spend in Q2 2023
Since the dawn of Instagram in 2010 — and through the heyday of Snapchat and into TikTok’s world domination today...
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