Sales Acceleration is Our Thing

Winmo is a predictive sales intelligence platform with a serious mission: to help more sales professionals CRUSH IT. Built just for closers, Winmo brings way more than just contacts to the table. We’re the shortcut to more deals in your pipeline, more territories to break into, more wins and most importantly – more fist bumps. From reliable decision-maker information to accurate sales predictions, Winmo raises the bar for your prospecting.

We Go Waaay Back

We may be a cutting-edge, award-winning sales acceleration resource now, but our story actually began in 1995 as The List Online. In the era of sales rolodexes, The List Online simplified how sales professionals navigated the seemingly complex media and advertising industry and mapped decision-makers to the national brands and agencies they worked with. As the industry evolved, we kept leading the way with innovations to help our customers hit their sales goals faster. Along the way we acquired rockstar businesses like AdDataExpress, expanded into the U.K., aligned our technology to look forward, not back, and eventually introduced an entirely new sales intelligence platform, Winmo.

The List Online is born
Our very first platform introduced reliable contact info and intricate mappings of the media and advertising industry.
Hello DailyVista
Sales predictions from DailyVista (now WinmoEdge) marked our first leap into predictive sales intelligence.
Crossing the pond
We acquired UK’s BrandIQ and Ammo to offer The List Online in the UK.
Acquired AdDataExpress
We acquired industry veteran platform, AdDataExpress, to deepen our sales intelligence.
Winmo Launched
We combined the best of everything – reliable contacts, agency/brand relationships and sales predictions – into an entirely new technology that now empowers our customers to connect with the right prospects at the right time.