Stay sharp with alerts & recommendations

You’ve got a lot going on. And when you’re busy juggling, prospects can accidentally slip through the cracks. Never miss an opportunity to make the sale with Winmo’s sales prospecting tool and proactive new business alerts. From reminders to lead recommendations, Winmo helps you stay on top of prospects and keep your eyes on the prize.

Custom alerts

Always know when important changes happen, so you can capitalize on opportunities first. Set custom alerts for prospects on your radar and find out about new hires, agency changes, updated contact details and more.

Lead recommendations

Discover new business opportunities with lead recommendations. Winmo’s proprietary technology tracks your prospecting patterns and dishes up similar lead opportunities worth going after – so your pipeline is always full.

Notes & reminders

Add notes to profiles with one click and set reminders to follow up with prospects, so you never miss a good sales opportunity. Think of it as your own mini CRM, helping you to file away details of past conversations or keep tabs on key accounts.

We get Winmo alerts on a daily basis that provide contact updates in terms of change in assignments, related category news, etc. We also get WinmoEdge on a daily basis that provides accounts that are in jeopardy or campaign or budget updates. By utilizing Winmo we have been pretty successful. The automotive category within eBay advertising has increased 225% year over year.

Jim Coraci Head, Industry - Automotive eBay

Never miss a sales opportunity.

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