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Connect with brands when they’re ready to spend

Scoring a sponsorship deal is all about timing. You’ve got to approach brands when they have budget to spend. Winmo gives you the insight and contact info to pinpoint the right brands at the right time, so you can turn more sponsorship leads into deals. With the most accurate sales intelligence for the marketing and advertising industry, Winmo is perfect for:

  • Sports Teams
  • Non-Profits
  • Events
  • Experiential Marketers

Get verified direct contacts for thousands of national brands and their agencies, plus insight into spending, recent initiatives and potential sponsorship opportunities. It’s everything you need to take your prospecting to the next level, all in one place.

Winmo is an excellent resource for current business events and contacts. In sponsorship sales, it is important to stay as current as possible with industry trends. Winmo makes this process seamless and makes research easier so I am always current.

Rob Nugent Director, Business Development Richard Childress Racing

Winmo is great for sponsorship leads that turn into deals.

Jay Lotz President Sponsorship Consulting Inc.

Winmo & WinmoEdge have been my secret weapons. I am able to go after the right brands at the right time – with insights on what their most recent initiatives are. The accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information provided within Winmo has helped our team generate six-figure deals with brands like Jack Daniel’s & Bud Light.

Clay Busch VP Mktg & Sponsorships Danny Wimmer Presents

Winmo is my contact bible. It’s very accurate and allows me to use my time wisely. With the time saved I am able to contact more people and increase my sales. It’s my most-used tool and I recommend it to everyone in sales.

Jose Bowles Miami Marlins
Know what brands are spending… and when

Winmo helps you reach the right brands at the right time. See exactly how much national advertisers allocate to event sponsorship on a quarterly and yearly basis, so you can prioritize opportunities and nail the timing of your outreach.

Get accurate sales predictions

Find out about sponsorship opportunities way before your competitors with WinmoEdge, the industry’s first sales predictor. Proven to predict leads 3-18 mos in advance, WinmoEdge translates industry shifts into quick reads you can act on. Get a daily rundown of potential sales opportunities at national advertisers, plus decision-maker contact info, so you can be super proactive with your sales strategy.

Reach the right person the first time

Get direct dials and specific email addresses in under 3 clicks. Winmo lets you quickly generate title-based lists of event sponsorship and sports marketing decision-makers. Unlike other databases, data is rigorously vetted by an in-house team of researchers every 120 days. Need a contact you can’t find? Just let us know and we’ll do the digging.

Use Winmo to connect with: VPs and Directors of Sponsorships, Sports Marketing Executives, Event Marketing Managers, Experiential and Lifestyle Marketing Contacts, Brand Managers, Sponsorship Coordinators, Entertainment Marketing Managers and more…

Crush your sales goals. All the time.

Winmo is a sales intelligence platform that points you to the right prospects at precisely the right time.

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