How Affinity Express Utilizes Winmo to Break Into the Agency Sector 


AffinityX is unmatched in its experience, solutions, and technology. The media technology company powers some of the biggest brands and local media companies. As an extension of their team, AffinityX manages digital product fulfillment, ad operations, creative design, website development, copywriting, and SEO, among others. 

With its signature white-glove service, AffinityX is a global company with offices in the Philippines, India, Serbia, and the US. According to Director of Business Development, Sara Droke, its use of people, process, and technology allows clients to deliver high quality, predictable performance with a 50% cost reduction. 


“As the world continues its recovery from the economic recession, revenue fluctuations are perhaps the biggest challenge as we move into 2021,” said Droke. “Forrester predicted a 23% decrease in total spend in the US marketing sector, with agency spend taking the biggest hit.”

AffinityX focused on their agency services as Covid-19 hit, a difficult time as many potential partners closed their doors and others greatly reduced their overhead costs. However, Droke and her team were steadfast in their support for agency clients.

“We can dedicate resources, a team of any size, which the agency can control. The costs are variable without an upfront investment. Our global infrastructure provides us the ability to be both highly responsive and extremely nimble in support of our agency partners,” said Droke. “Ultimately, we empower agency resources to stay focused on activities that ultimately capture more of their customer’s spend with minimal risk and tremendous upside.”

Next, the team needed a solution to get in front of the agencies who understood their purpose and were ready to implement it.


Before becoming a Winmo client in late 2020, AffinityX worked with ZoomInfo. 

“Then we got a peek at the Winmo tool — the level of data and the types of data points that are in it are 100% applicable to the sectors we want to serve,” said Droke. “To be able to have a tool that’s populated with very sound data and ways to identify our clients and create efficiencies in prospecting is invaluable.”

Droke and her team quickly began their marketing outreach using the Winmo data and are excited to be starting business development efforts with such a refined list of targets.


In 2021, AffinityX continues to grow in the agency sector. The business development team is finding ways to help agencies save money and grow revenue in a more efficient way. 

“We all know that the economic conditions have been tough. We’re helping agencies not just survive, but thrive, in 2021,” said Droke.