How Winmo Helps Consulting Agency ICF Next “Land and Expand”


ICF Next is a new breed of agency incorporating insights-driven creativity with the depth and expertise of a consultancy. The company’s goal is to help partners identify what’s needed to get them to their “next” with strategic and executional excellence across creative, media relations, social media, influencer engagement, and analytics, among others.

As a global, full-service agency with disciplines like public relations, loyalty, experiential, advertising, digital experience, and change management, ICF Next’s breadth of capabilities unites subject matter expertise and resources to deliver amazing results. Holli Maines is a business development partner for ICF Next’s growth team and responsible for identifying, nurturing, and bringing in new business that aligns with the agency’s expertise, culture, and technology.


“Before Winmo, the team was unable to find C-suite contacts, there was a lack of public information on prospects, and it was difficult keeping up with potential brand change-ups,” said Maines.


ICF Next has been a Winmo client since 2018 when the company needed to access the most accurate and up-to-date information on brands they hoped to work with. 

“We chose Winmo because you all really understand agency new business and the information needed to stay competitive. The platform is robust and intuitive, which is key,” said Maines. “I’ve used other platforms in the past, but the intel and features don’t match up with Winmo.”

Maines also credits her Winmo account manager, Paul Colantuono, as a constant support system with informative and exceptional service.


Maines credits ICF Next’s continued growth with the agency’s investment in culture and smart minds that champion accelerated change, a trend that will continue throughout 2021.

“ICF Next is focused on landing and expanding,” said Maines. “We’re connecting with more challenger brands and gaining additional creative opportunities. In addition, we see new opportunities coming out of COVID due to the unprecedented disruption the pandemic had on nearly all businesses. Important lessons learned during this time have resulted in companies rethinking many things about their businesses and considering how to lure back customers who left or retain new customers they gained.”