“We’ve been able to grow our non-endemic revenue YOY by 35% through Winmo.”

The Enthusiast Network’s Problem:

A top-five large publishing company, TEN had capitalized on its automotive and adventure sports core to capture a steady stream of in-category ad revenue but had yet to build a portfolio of non-endemic advertisers. To grow, they needed a resource that could help them break into unfamiliar

The Enthusiast Network’s Solution:

TEN partnered with Winmo to identify ideal segments, companies, and contacts to approach. They built a targeted pipeline of brands they’d never worked with before, and using Winmo’s verified sales intelligence, were able to forge successful relationships with the right contacts, ultimately breaking into new categories ranging from recruitment to insurance.

The Enthusiast Network’s Result:

Using Winmo, TEN’s team has been able to grow their non-endemic revenue YOY by 35%. “Getting to the right person is half the battle,” said Chief Commercial Officer Eric Schwab. “Winmo gave our team access to
clients they didn’t know.”