How Winmo Helps Wiland Stay Ahead in the Ever-Evolving World of Digital Agencies


Wiland is the nation’s leading provider of high-performance marketing audiences that enable relevant connections at scale across all digital and offline channels. Wiland operates the largest independent cooperative database in the U.S., serving thousands of leading brands and organizations in a wide range of vertical markets. 

Since 2005, Wiland has assembled the brightest minds, the best technology, and the most expansive consumer spending data in order to deliver a competitive advantage to its clients. In addition to its reputation as a technology innovator, Wiland is also a company recognized for its culture of honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Michelle Harness is Division Vice President, Digital Agency Sales at Wiland. With more than 25 years of experience, Harness joined the company in 2019.


Wiland has been a Winmo client since 2018, when the company needed to access the most accurate and up-to-date information on brands they hoped to work with. 

“We had to search multiple places to find the right contacts at agencies, and they would often be incorrect. Winmo has helped solve that challenge,” said Harness.


Harness and her team focus on reaching agencies and digital platforms, so they needed to be able to identify which agencies work with which brands. 

“We looked at other providers, but Winmo offered a comprehensive solution for the sales teams across the company,” said Harness. ”Our sales contact at Winmo was very knowledgeable, did a great job of showing us the features of the product, and was available to answer our questions.”

Winmo’s up-to-date agency contacts and alert functionality help Harness and her team follow specific brands and watch for changes like mergers or new hires, saving time and energy. Winmo provides a comprehensive view of brand activity from a marketing perspective, complete with spend and examples of content. Plus, the tool alerts Wiland’s busy sales team to changes within their account or prospect lists, such as accounts on the move or new contact emails.  

And it’s not just about helping the Wiland sales team. Winmo has proven to be a helpful resource for marketing, too.

“The marketing team uses the tool to fill in missing contact information for various companies and contacts. It’s a handy overview of brands and their media spend breakdown, as well,” said Harness.


“My goal is to continue expanding Wiland’s growing number of partnerships with digital platforms and agencies,” said Harness. “I’m an advocate for high-quality, privacy-compliant data, and I’m passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals—a sentiment shared across Wiland and the exceptional team I’m privileged to work with every day.”

Looking forward, the team at Wiland is focused on selling and looking for more ways to provide the best-performing audiences to their clients. Harness is busy responding to the evolution of the industry into digital channels like mobile, advanced TV, and social.