See Winmo In Action

Prospecting just got easier! Focus on the most promising leads (aka most likely to convert) with Winmo. Watch this video to see our sales intelligence platform in action!

Targeted Contact Search

Whatever qualities your high-value prospects share, Winmo helps you isolate them. Use advanced filters to target by title, territory, revenue, industry, even advertisers handling creative or media in house to generate qualified advertiser and agency contact lists.

Sales Predictions

Beat your competition to the sale with WinmoEdge, the industry’s first sales predictor. Get a daily rundown of lead opportunities predicted 3-18 months early – AKA waaaaay before your competitors – so you can pitch first and close the deal.


Winmo’s sales intelligence fits into the way you work. From CRM to social networking, get key integrations that fit into your daily workflow, helping you connect with qualified prospects faster than ever before.

Alerts & Recommendations

You’ve got a lot going on. And when you’re busy juggling, prospects can accidentally slip through the cracks. From reminders to lead recommendations, Winmo helps you stay on top of prospects and keep your eyes on the prize.

Social Sales Community

A social network comprised of thousands of business development professionals spanning every cross-section of the marketing and advertising industry, WinmoTalk allows you to get the scoop on hierarchies, struggles, needs and decision-maker rosters from those who know firsthand.