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Sales is all about timing: pitching a prospect when they’re ready to buy. But finding that golden opportunity ain’t easy – especially with so much competition out there.

Because everyone’s looking through the same trade pubs. Everyone’s reacting to the same industry news that already happened. Everyone’s crowding the same prospect’s inbox. It’s hard to get ahead when you’re reacting to old news.

What if you could get in front of leads first? What if you had the predictive analytics to know about sales opportunities weeks, months – even a year – before your competition?

Proactive Prospecting Starts Here

Beat your competition to the sale with WinmoEdge, the industry’s first sales predictor. Get a daily rundown of lead opportunities predicted 3-18 months early – AKA waaaaay before your competitors – so you can pitch first and close the deal.

It’s like a crystal ball for sales opportunities. WinmoEdge’s analysts track industry movements and translate them into quick reads you can act on. Get daily accurate sales predictions based on shifts like:

Marketers on the Move

Know when influential marketers are changing job roles or companies.

Who’s Struggling

Learn which businesses are struggling and how they plan to pivot their advertising strategy.

New Funding

Hear when buyers get new funding for marketing and where they plan to allocate it.

Product Launches

Hear about upcoming product launches and go-to market strategy tactics.

New Markets & Audiences

Get notified when buyers are expanding into new markets and target new customers.

Spending Shifts

Pinpoint when and where buyers are shifting their advertising dollars.

Proven accuracy

They may sound like magic, but WinmoEdge’s sales predictions are based on cold, hard data – with a proven 74% rate of accuracy. That means 7 times out of 10, WinmoEdge’s lead predictions come true. The odds are definitely in your favor.

Plug and play into your pitch

WinmoEdge doesn’t just give you the lead – it even sets up the pitch for you. Get the relevant info for your email or call script, plus the decision-maker’s direct contact information, served up on a silver platter. Just copy, paste and click send. Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can be the sales closer you’re destined to be.

I am happy to say that over 25% of my business leads come directly via WinmoEdge. It is truly game changing in the sports marketing arena. I am extremely pleased with the user interface and user friendliness of the site. I am a true WinmoEdge fan!

Jose Bowles Corporate Partnerships Manager Miami Marlins

After pouring a cup of coffee and sifting through emails, this is my first read. It has given me great insights into new business opportunities. Every morning, it continues to impress me with the level of detail and understanding of this wild west that is the advertising world. Without this resource, I don’t know what I would do!

Pete Jones Business Director Billups

I just started my position a few months ago and because of WinmoEdge I have been able to land multiple meetings and assist many sales. The daily leads have helped so much that I may already be up for a promotion to help handle these new accounts. I will definitely be reading articles habitually as WinmoEdge has been my go to resource for leads.

Jake Ponce de Leon Client Development Associate Centro

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