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Land new accounts like a champ

A winning sales strategy needs quality leads. Whether you’re an established company or a hungry startup, Winmo helps you quickly find the right business development opportunities and contacts, so you can drive growth like a champ. Winmo tracks the people handling marketing and ad technology investments at 36,000+ advertisers and their agency partners. Armed with powerful sales intelligence – direct dials, spend, creative – your sales team can bust into new territories and land bigger accounts.

Gotta have it! Winmo combines all resources under one roof – client info, agency info, spend, creative, searching, filtering and connects directly with LinkedIn. Winmo saves time, and the information is as accurate as is available. No other source out there is doing as much as Winmo.

Dave Woods Sales Director The Exchange Lab

We need to be able to quickly determine if a company is worth approaching. Winmo gives us a fast way to extrapolate email addresses and validity of a potential prospect. My recommendation to others considering the product is use it as much as possible!

Aaron Ross Senior Account Manager 3 Tier Logic

I’m on a quota of meetings booked, and Winmo has helped me hit nearly 200% of my goal just last quarter. Through meetings I set up, our sales team has closed nearly $1 million in the pipeline.

Doug Foote Sales Development Manager Bazaarvoice

When I joined my new company I said that Winmo was a “must-have” and it has already directly led to my first sale of more that $150,000 with a major CPG brand!

Don Aydon Cheetah Mobile
Target the right companies

Focus your effort on the companies most likely to buy – and forget the ones who won’t. With insight into a brand’s revenue and spend, quickly determine if a company is worth approaching. Want to expand into new verticals? Winmo lets you target a specific industry and connect with the brands who can help you get there.

Find accurate leads – faster

Rev up your prospecting with the most accurate contact info for national advertisers and their agencies. Unlike competitors, Winmo’s data is vetted by an in-house team of living, breathing researchers (not bots). In just a few clicks, you can target titles, generate lists and export to Salesforce. Boom.

Use Winmo to connect with: CMOs and CTOs Performance Marketing Executives, Consumer Insights and Marketing Analytics Managers, VPs of eCommerce/mCommerce, Programmatic Contacts, IT Directors, Email and CRM Marketing Managers, Shopper Marketing Teams, Research Directors, and more.

Get opportunities before they break

Beat your competitors to the sale with WinmoEdge, the industry’s first sales predictor. Proven to predict leads 3-18 mos in advance, WinmoEdge’s analysts translate industry shifts into quick reads you can act on. Get a daily rundown of potential sales opportunities, plus decision-maker contact info, so you can pitch leads at the right time.

Connect with other MarTech players

In addition to national advertisers and agencies, get thousands of MarTech companies and decision-makers at your fingertips (available as an add-on feature). Quickly find prospects in key MarTech categories, from SEM and CRM to display and affiliate marketing. Learn more.

Crush your sales goals. All the time.

Winmo is a sales intelligence platform that points you to the right prospects at precisely the right time.

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