Business Development
5 Sales Intelligence Must-Haves to Find Decision Makers
Sales intelligence tools provide background data on contacts, companies, and industries. The idea is that rather than spending hours researching...
3 Tips for Hiring Better Sales Staff
The first key to attracting and retaining solid sales talent, and sometimes the most overlooked, is understanding what makes your...
How to Find Ideal Sponsorship Partners
1. Know Your Audience If you already know your audience inside and out, you’re ahead of the game. If you’re...
Questions to ask to get the best sales person who has professional curiosity and conversational capacity.
Our aim is to empower our team, and our customers to have more productive conversations with their most sought-after prospects.
Winmo Now Empowers Customers to Track New Business Opportunities by Location & Industry
Since the debut of our latest sales intelligence solution, Winmo, we’ve been hard at work adding features that further empower our customers win...
5 Simple Ways to Improve Sales and Prospecting Productivity
The productivity of your sales team has a profound impact on your profitability and overall revenue growth.
Marketing Tech
The Future of Viewability Standards & Transactions
In a recent report by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), almost two-thirds of respondents said they were prepared to...
The Mobile Opportunity for Sponsorship Sales Growth
The rapid expansion of mobile marketing and advertising is providing fuel for many new business opportunities – and one of the...
How Much Does Prospecting Cost Your Company?
If you’re not using an outside resource, more than likely your sales team is responsible for hunting down new sales...
Agency New Business
Top CMO Shifts Creating New Business Opportunities
For national brands, the most accurate indication of new business opportunities on the horizon is the appointment of a new...
How Successful Sales Executives Create Effective Prospecting Strategies
These days, sales executives and their teams are expected to constantly measure prospecting effectiveness, in addition to justifying every cost...
Guide to New Outbound Sales Strategies
Improve Your Outbound Sales Strategy With These Tips — Winmo CRO Dave Thompson from Winmo on Vimeo. If you’ve noticed...
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