AWNY 2023: Winmo’s Top Industry Takeaways

October 25, 2023

What a week in NYC. In an industry that’s constantly evolving, Advertising Week New York 2023 stands at the forefront of the revolution, driving conversations around adtech, agency dynamics, media strategies, and impactful sponsorships. The Winmo team spent the week networking, attending sessions, hosting a happy hour, and speaking on multiple panels of our own.

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If you missed them IRL, check out the recordings:

Keep reading to uncover our top industry takeaways from Advertising Week New York:

AWNY 2023 adtech news

It’s all about AI: Today, adtech experts are looking toward AI to help close the gaps between tighter budgets, increased competition, and rising pressure to convert sales.

  • Advertisers can work smarter (and faster) by leveraging first-party data and AI to predict their ad performance.
  • Retailers have the unique ability to leverage a large set of first-party customer data in order to train AI to predict how ads will perform and identify potential improvements, changing the game for advertisers.
  • AI and digital advertising converge to drive innovation and create new opportunities for marketers across the media landscape.

AWNY 2023 agency news

Creative agencies need to diversify: Faced with business and industry pressure from all angles, the future for agencies has never been more conflicted.

  • Clients are seeking simplicity, integration, and — importantly — breakthrough creativity all under one roof.
  • Not only are clients asking for it, but great ideas deserve it. AWNY media news.
  • Building strong industry partnerships will set you up for measurement wins, too.
  • From the value-add of partner integrations to the streamlined simplicity of process once a partnership is established, working together supports measurement for brands and agencies.

… Yet leaders still feel optimistic: The future has never looked so radical, yet agency and marketing leaders have never felt better.

  • They’re optimistic about the impact of their role, their dedication to long-term growth, and their enthusiasm for technological advancement.
  • But while the vast majority say they aren’t phased by the change ahead, less than half believe their business is ready to embrace it.

AWNY 2023 media news

Brands are hungry to make meaningful connections with consumers: From finding the right partnerships to centering community values in one’s work, brands must embrace storytelling to build businesses across product categories that truly resonate with diverse communities and positively impact culture.

  • Influencer strategies should be built around real consumer tensions as expressed in the existing social conversation.
  • Brands don’t need to chase every flash-in-the-pan trend, but how you create content connected to social culture is critically important to driving engagement and building a community.
  • Paid media is an important part of building momentum and ensuring content is delivered to the right people at the right time.

AWNY 2023 sponsorship news

It’s time to invest in women’s sports: Nearly every organization (WNBA, NWSL, LPGA, etc.) is seeing all-time highs in viewership across linear TV and streaming. Not to mention a dedicated fan base.

  • On the performance marketing side, this increased media attention shows that it’s the perfect time for brands to invest in women’s sports to drive brand goals and marketing ROI.
  • Brands are building new verticals and creating authenticity for fans and athletes.

Fluent fandom is a lifelong journey: It’s crucial for brands and their agency partners to know the rhythms and rituals of a sport.

  • The space between authenticity and falling flat is narrow but means everything.
  • Connecting with consumers through universal passions allows brands to jump the bounds of traditional segmentation and establish authentic connections with new audiences.
  • Gaming is one such passion. It attracts a diverse audience and brings in more revenue than the music and movie industries combined.

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